Meissa blouse

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I made this blouse at the end of last summer and instantly loved it. Using Papercut patterns Meissa Blouse pattern I omitted the sleeves to make it into a summery blouse. The lace was a remnant from Tessuti and the main fabric a cheap rayon from Lincraft. Wearing it almost weekly caused rapid deterioration of the rayon. A small hole formed, stains accumulated and the fabric just wore out. So I decided to remake it.

I took the seam ripper to it salvaging the lace and buttons. The lace was a fraying mess at this point but a careful press and check against pattern pieces showed it’d be fine.

meissa pink1
For my remake I chose to use a mushroom pink silk cotton blend from my stash as it had the right colour and weight. It was originally purchased from Clegs to make a tank top. I cut a size xl which was the same size as my first version. I’m really pleased with the result but it has highlighted why I started this blog, I had no notes on my original version.

meissa pink2
The seam allowance for the pattern was 3/8″so I decided to use French seams first sewing 1/8″ then 1/4″ to enclose. After sewing the side seams I checked the fit and instantly remembered that the sides had needed taking in. I re stitched the side seams at 1″ right side out, trimmed to 1/4″ and enclosed with a 3/8″ inch seam allowance. Not a huge issue but wish I had noted this the first time.

meissa pink3
For both versions of the shirt I used seam binding to finish the armholes. I first bound the raw edge and then turned the binding under and top stitched to give a long wearing finish. The hem is finished with a baby hem.

meissa pink4
Another change I wish I had noted is button placement. I copied the button placement from the pattern and there is a small amount of gaping at the bust. I had forgotten that on my previous version I moved the button placement so that the buttons would line up with the widest point of my bust.

I’ve been happily wearing the new version for a few weeks and it is holding up much better than the last. Unfortunately the silk cotton is much more prone to creasing and crinkling than the rayon. It’s a small price to pay for a better quality shirt though.


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