RTW copy

rtw copy 1

This dress was sewn from a pattern I traced off an Alannah Hill dress I own and love. I attended a class on how to copy a RTW garment at Tessuti Melbourne and came away with the completed pattern. A real highlight of the class was hammering pins through my dress to secure it flat. The fabric is a relatively inexpensive cotton sateen from Lincraft with a small amount of stretch. I have gotten a huge amount of wear out of this dress since I completed it approximately two months ago.

rtw copy 6

I used flat fell seams for the side and waist seams and seam binding for the center back, neckline, armholes and hem. It was initially a little tight at the hips causing the dress to ride up so I let the center back seam out a little.

rtw copy 5

Detail of the flat felled seams and seam binding facing.rtw copy 4

The original dress had cap sleeves but I didn’t like the look with this fabric and omitted them. Due to this my armholes gaped badly at the front. I solved this by adding extra darts. They are nearly invisible in the fabric and add some very helpful bust shaping.

rtw copy 3

I highly recommend the Tessuti class as I came away with a much better understanding of the transition betweed the 2D paper pattern and the 3D garment. Especially in relation to armholes and sleeve ease.rtw copy 2

I’ve gotten pretty lazy with this blog and have a group of finished garments waiting their turn to be blogged. I do appreciate having this record of what I have sewn but it is so easy to fall out of the habit. Coming up will be my completely impractical New Years Eve outfit.


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