Simplicity 1615 v2

simplicity 1615 b1

This is not a stash fabric but was cut from a dress I made when I first started sewing. It is a polyester crepe from Tessuti, despite hating polyester I could not resist the print. I originally made this into Victory Pattern’s Anouk Dress. Being an early sewing project I had not yet worked out how to pick patterns that suited me or learnt to fit myself correctly. The yoke fit was way off and though I received compliments on the dress I always felt like I was wearing a nightie. In winter static was a huge issue with the polyester against tights. I searched my computer for a picture of the dress but none were found. After a year of not wearing it I decided to reuse the fabric.

Luckily the volume of the dress meant I could easily cut the front and back pieces for Simplicity 1615 without even having to shorten them. I used the same size 18 pattern pieces as my last version but removed a half inch wedge from the center of the front armscye to reduce gaping.

simplicity 1612 b2

Pre-made black bias binding finished the armholes and formed the straps. Due to my strap length issues on the first version I cut the bias binding length to correspond to the pattern piece and pinned them in place before stitching. The length in the non stretchy bias tape was perfect so I stitched it all together. On comparison to my first version these straps are 1cm shorter.

simplicity 1615 b5

The polyester does not press well and this is most noticeable along the front neckline where the turned edge does not sit flat. you can also see in the picture how prone the fabric is to pulled threads.

simplicity 1615 b4

The hem is finished with a baby hem allowing the drape to hang nicely. I was concerned about how comfortable a polyester top would be in the summer but due to the loose fit and low armholes I’ve found it an easy and cool top to wear.


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