The Stash

(Scraps not included)

Fabric description: length: source: approximate cost

bird linen

Bird print linen: 1.5m: clegs: $50

brown wool

Wool coating: 1m: clegs: $40

greay leather look

Grey faux leather: 1m: clegs: $30

black silk cotton

black silk cotton blend: 2m: clegs: $22 with discount

pink silk cotton

pink silk cotton blend: 1 metre: clegs: $20

navy satin

Navy silk satin: 1.7 metres: tessuti: $20

stripe silk

Silk woven stripe: 1 metres: the fabric store: $24

horse silk

Horse print silk: old dress: milk from a thistle: old dress

grey crepe de chine

Grey silk crepe de chine: 1 metre: tessuti: $30

baded cotton

Beaded cotton: 2 metres: tessuti: $80

copper diamonds

copper diamonds on linen (dyed pink): 1.5 metres: tessuti: $45

hexagon linen

hexagon print linen blend?: 1.7 metres: tessuti: $28


large gingham cotton: 2 metres: lincraft: $20

merino knit

Black merino knit: 3 metres: the fabric store: $24

coated cotton

Waterproof coated cotton: 1 metre: clear it: $15

wool herringbone

herringbone wool: 1 metre: spotlight: $15

wool cashmere coating

Wool cashmere coating: 1.1 metres: tessuti: $10

Black wool

Black wool coating: 3 metres: clear it: $30

swim lining

Black swim lining: 2 metres: the fabric store: $20

black swim

Black floral swimwear: 1.5 metres: the fabric store: $32

cream swim

Cream floral swimwear: 1.5 metres: the fabric store: $32


Black supplex: 3 metres: spandex house: $24

cloud spandex

Cloud spandex: 1 metre: spandex house: $16

aqua spandex

Aqua spandex: 1 metre: spandex house: $13

Eloise print cotton: 2 metres: by hand london: $60

floral silk charmeuse: 1 metre: tessuti: $60

Black raw silk: 1.5 metres: tessuti: $50

Black silk habotai: 3 metres: clegs: $75 (used 1 and 2)

Spot silk lycra: 1.5 metres: the fabric store: $45

Floral silk georgette: 1 metre: the fabric store: $30

Wool suiting: 1.5 metres: clear it: $30

Black fake leather: 1 metre: tessuti: $30 (scrap remaining)

Rayon lining: 1 metre: tessuti: $10

Silver holographic spandex: .5 metres: spandex house: $7

Pink silk satin: 1 metre: tessuti: $10

Gold holographic spandex: 1.5 metres: spandex house: $20


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