PB Jam Leggings

pb jam 1

I’m not 100% happy with these leggings but I do love the look of the fabric combo. I needed a pair of knee length running leggings so thought I would try Fehr Trade’s PB Jam Legging pattern. I was drawn to the style lines of the pattern and wanted to play with mixing fabrics. The fabrics are all from Spandex House, black supplex, gold holographic spandex and cloud print spandex. I went with a size large and cropped the length to just past the knee to make them cooler for summer runs.

pb jam 2

The pattern came as a pdf which assembled neatly and didn’t require too much paper. It was really fast to sew up and all the pieces fit together neatly with the stripe appearing almost seamless when stretched over my legs. I used a zig zag stitch and black thread for all seams and top stitching. Unfortunately my bobbin ran out of thread while stitching down the pocket’s bottom edge so it looks a bit of a mess. In hindsight I should have switched to white thread but these are just a utilitarian garment so I didn’t think it worth the bother at the time. The pocket has a narrow elastic encased in the top edge to help keep my phone and keys secure when running.  The pocket is not my ideal style as it is fiddly to retrieve my phone while running without having to slow down. The waistband construction was not my preference either as it has you attach the elastic fold over once and stitch down. In future I would add additional height to the top to allow it to be folded twice and fully encase the elastic.

pb jam 3

The sizing of these is a bit off and they are looser than I would like with wrinkling down the legs. I think this is a combination of needing to size down and the cloud spandex not having as firm a feel as full supplex would. I prefer the fit of my Ooh la leggings but the looser fit does make these cooler in the summer heat.

pb jam 4

While I’m not totally happy with these I’ve already worn them 3 or 4 times and they will get a lot more wear over summer. I would absolutely recommend the pattern for the nice detailing but consider sizing down.

They used about half a metre of the cloud print, slightly less of the supplex and my last scrap of gold holograh spandex.


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