Vogue 8815

vogue 8815 1

I chose Vogue 8815 for this lovely large spot fabric. The fabric is a woven silk lycra blend I picked up at the Fabric Store in Melbourne. They also had the fabric with smaller spots but I like how unusual a large spot is. I am currently very taken with the fabrics in Alpha 60’s summer collection and wish I could find something similar.

vogue 8815 4

My measurements are between a size 22 at the bust and a 20 at the waist and hips. I cut a size 20 muslin and found the fit spot on. the shoulders are a touch wide due to the level of stretch in the fabric. The sleeves are slightly above elbow length and just slightly higher than the waistline. I like the length but it can look odd with higher waisted skirts as the sleeve and waist are all on one line. The spots on the bustline are to the side of both bust points avoiding a target effect.

vogue 8815 7

I’m not happy with the pattern placement on the back but I had very limited options when laying out the fabric. I am learning to be less skimpy at the fabric store cutting table because compromises like these making sewing a lot less satisfying. In the above picture you can also see that my center back seam is out of alignment at the waist by about 5mm. As I will be wearing this top tucked in I decided to leave it as it wont show.

vogue 8815 3

The invisible zipper is a lurid magenta but the closest colour I could find to the fabric. The zip tape has a few kinks in it from being folded in its packaging. No amount of steaming and pressing has gotten rid of these. Unfortunately it does affect the hang of the back of the top when being worn.

vogue 8815 2

The inside is finished with french seams including for the armscye. The center back seam allowances have been finished with a zig zag stitch. I used satin bias tape to finish the neckline.

vogue 8815 5

For the sleeves and the hem I used a baby rolled hem following the tutorial on Coletterie. The peplum has a strong curve to the hem so a narrow hem finish was essential. This was the first time I have attempted such a narrow hem and I am really pleased with the fine light result. the hem hangs just like the rest of the fabric.

vogue 8815 6

This is a very quick and easy sew which gave a neat finish and clean silhouette.

This used all but some odd shaped scraps of the 1.5 metre piece of fabric I purchased.


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